Tuition Rates*

 Monthly installment payments will draft on the 1st of the month through our automatic payment program.  Each dancer account must have a valid credit card on file.  You are still able to pay by check or cash as long as it is received in our office before the 1st of the month.    A 10% late charge will be assessed to payments not received by the 5th of the month.  All accounts must be paid in full by June 1, 2023 for participation in the recital.  Services will be terminated on any account balances over 60 days past due.   Payments may be dropped in the payment box at the studio, paid online or mailed to MVDC, P.O. Box 1986, Fairborn OH  45324.

Additional Fees:

Recital Fee
Each dancer is required to pay a recital fee with the April autopay.  This fee is mandatory for performance in the recital.  A breakdown of fees can be found in the dancer handbook

A $40 non-refundable costume deposit is required for each class your child will be performing in the June recital.  The costume deposit is due with the October autopay with the remaining costume balance to be paid in full with the January autopay.

Registration Fee
A $35 registration fee is required for all students who were not enrolled in our 2021-2022 season.

Service Fees

 A $35 service fee will be assessed on all returned checks and declined credit card charges.

We do not issue refunds at any time.

Convenience Fees:

There will be a 2.9% convenience fee added to all credit card payments as well as a .30 transaction fee.

We now accept ACH payments!  There is a .80 transaction fee with this method.

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Miami Valley



Hours Per WeekAnnual FeeMonthly Installment
30 min. per week$410.00$41.00
45 min. per week$520.00


1 hour per week$630.00$63.00
1 hour, 15 minutes per week$740.00$74.00
1 hour, 30 minutes per week$850.00$85.00
1 hour, 45 minutes per week$960.00$96.00
2 hours per week$1070.00$107.00
2 hours, 15 minutes per week$1180.00$118.00
2 hours, 30 minutes per week$1290.00$129.00
2 hours, 45 minutes per week$1400.00$140.00
3 hours per week$1510.00$151.00
3 hours, 15 minutes per week$1620.00$162.00
3 hours, 30 minutes per week$1730.00$173.00

3 hours, 45 minutes per week

(additional savings begin)

4 hours per week$1930.00$193.00
4 hours, 15 minutes per week$2030.00$203.00
4 hours, 30 minutes per week$2130.00$213.00
4 hours, 45 minutes per week$2230.00$223.00
5 hours per week$2330.00$233.00
5 hours, 15 minutes per week$2430.00$243.00
5 hours, 30 minutes per week$2530.00$253.00
5 hours, 45 minutes per week$2630.00$263.00
6 hours per week$2730.00$273.00

6 hours, 15 minutes per week

6 hours, 30 minutes per week$2930.00$293.00
6 hours 45 minutes per week$3030.00$303.00
7 hours per week$3130.00$313.00
7 hours, 15 minutes per week$3230.00$323.00
7 hours, 30 minutes per week$3330.00$333.00

7 hours, 45 minutes per week


8 hours per week


8 hours, 15 minutes per week



8 hours, 30 minutes per week$3730.00$373.00
8 hours, 45 minutes per week$3830.00$383.00
9 hours per week$3930.00$393.00
9 hours, 15 minutes per week$4030.00$403.00
9 hours, 30 minutes per week$4130.00$413.00
9 hours, 45 minutes per week$4230.00$423.00

10 hours per week

Unlimited Family Plan$5000.00$500.00